I Did It For FREE!

My name is Evette Murtha, and I am currently a Regional Director at Total Life Changes.
In January of 2014 I created a detox group on Facebook to help my friends and family cleanse their bodies and lose weight. I did it for FREE! I joined TLC in December 2014 after receiving a call from my friend Sandra Pittman. When Sandra told me about our flagship product Iaso Tea, how it helps people to lose up to 5 pounds in 5 days, and mentioned TLC’s Best Comp Plan in the world, a lightbulb went off in my head! The rest is history!
I do not have any network marking experience but I do have a deep love and passion for helping others, which is exactly what TLC products do. Last year in 2015 I took my time in learning about each and every product that we sell as I was also trying to learn how to grow my organization. Although I did not immediately know how to earn a big financial income with TLC, I quickly learned how important TLC was for me and my future.
Yes, I am 100% the product of the products, have lost over 15lbs using them and my overall health is outstanding! I look and feel good from the inside to the outside. I can’t wait to enhance my financial future with TLC in 2016!
– Evette Murtha
Total Life Changes and The CEO Tribe Group is helping you map out your success plan for any business or profession. We are offering marketing systems and training to anyone who is serious about making an extra $500 – $1500 a week and more. As you can imagine, you don’t need many customers to bring in $10K a month, with the many RESULTS ordinary people are having.
So, if you have been looking at Total Life Changes, better known as TLC, want to live a wealthier and healthier life, but looking for the right team to join, stop the struggle by joining my team now!
To Your Success,
Toni Marbley

Skype: tonimarbley
Email: tonimarbley1gmail.com
P.S. To Discover How A Woman Suffering from postpartum depression, on government assistance, and living with friends is Now Earning Over Six Figures A Month by sharing RESULTS,  just like this one. 
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