Total Life Changes…. The New Me!

Total Life Changes

This on the left was the old her…. Even though you see a smile, she was very sick. 
She had 8 major surgeries, each time the doctors had to cut her bowels. She was in constant pain all day and night….

 “The pain was so severe that I could not sleep or hardly walk. My left side would blow up like a bowling ball. Scar tissue was killing the inside of my body.”

Part 2

She was told by the doctor that she will need another surgery and eventually she would have to wear a bag to go to the bathroom. 

“I was so sick and depressed that I did not want to
 live anymore. I was tired of all the medications and being cut on. I was ready to give up.” God answered my Prayers and sent me something to
 save my life..”

Her cousin, Sherie Freeman Broadnax, introduced her to Total Life Changes. 

This was Truly God’s doing…. He told her that he was going 

to send her something and he did. 

Total Life Changes, I am Truly Grateful and Blessed that I am here in #2016.”

She’s a #2016 Miracle!! What about you?

Transformation to a Healthier you with Total LIfe Changes

We are not just changing lives physically, but we are changing lives mentally and financially!

Total LIfe Changes and The CEO Tribe Group is helping 

you map out your success plan for generating income and 

we are offering marketing systems and training to anyone 

who is serious about making an extra $500 – $1500 extra or 

more, week. With our Compensation Plan, by building on 

Binary, you don’t need many customers to bring in $10K a 


So, if you have been looking at joining Total Life Changes

but looking for the right team to join, stop the struggle by 

joining my team now!

To Your Success,
Skype: tonimarbley
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