Total Life Changes – Doreen Joined At 89 – Why?

Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes testimonies are phenomenal!

“I have been in this world now for 89 years, I have stacked up a lot of experience and a lot of friends.

I am preparing to launch the first of five e-Books that will let people know who I am and why I was writing inspirational newsletters for twenty years.  It was to inspire and help others while I was a Realtor.

I really want to help others and, what better way to do it  than to join Total Life Changes.  I have been drinking IASO TEA for one month now, done my research and I believe that you have the answer to the problem that I have had with my gut for the past 50 years.  If this is true, then my whole life will change for the better.

The other reason is because when I saw and heard Jack Fallon, he reminded me of my father.  They both have similar backgrounds, and the same values.

I worked with my Dad for many years.

I find it a sincere honour to be with Jack Fallon and Total Life Changes.” #MyTLCWhy


If you would like to know exactly what it is that Doreen discovered, that made her decide to join Total Life Changes, click ….

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