TLC Has Changed My Life….

Director Regina Osei, an ordained minister and former missionary to Ghana in West Africa, joined TLC after she heard about the awesome TLC products, from a good friend.

“Initially, I only wanted get the IASO Tea and NutraBurst, but after hearing about the Delgada Coffee and how I could both save money and make money while losing weight, I joined and funded two of my family members!”

Now, 4 months later, I have not only lost nearly 40 lbs, but I have become a leader in this phenomenal company!  Though not a complete novice to network marketing, Regina had no desire to be a part of another MLM company, ever!  “It was just too consuming… Too much work to not get more success. But since joining TLC, I am convinced that this business is completely different.  The entire business, the products, the comp plan, even the leadership, have at the foundation… Biblical principles, and I absolutely LOVE THIS!”

I am awed and flat out excited by TLC.  The products are amazing, and so is the comp plan!

How has it changed my life?  In untold ways.  Not only because of  my personal weight loss story, but also because through TLC, I am now at a level that I never dreamed of achieving.”


If you are interested in changing your life, for the better!

Look No More….TLC Order Now

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 Toni Marbley

Health Journalist, Marketer, & Life Architect

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