Slim AM – Cardio

Our Slim AM!!

Slim AM is designed to improve energy and cardiovascular health. The combination of ingredients in this formula are intended to alleviate endothelial cell inflammation, increase energy and improve performance during exercise.

Wait! There’s more…

Directions: For optimum taste, add one or two scoops (servings) of Slim AM to 8-12 ounces of cold water. Mix thoroughly for 30 seconds and drink. Slim AM can be consumed during the day, on an empty stomach and is especially good when consumed during intense exercise.

Each scoop (serving) of Slim AM furnishes 5 grams of pharmaceutical grade, free-based elemental L-Arginine. It is recommended to use Slim AM five days a week.

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To Your Success,

Toni Marbley


Health Journalist, Marketer, & Life Architect

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