How Do You Take Your Vitamins?

Vitamins – How do you take yours?

YES, It can stand alone!


Sometimes, I mix my NutraBurst with orange juice or orange pineapple juice. But most mornings, I take it straight to the head!!

My whole family loves this stuff, from the oldest to the youngest who’s 6 years old. Matter a fact, I don’t have to ask them if they have taken their vitamins, they ask me for it.


Vitamins – NutraBurst – What’s in it?

See, NutraBurst is not your average vitamin or vitamins, because it has a 98% absorption rate and it’s equal to eating 10 salads, in just 1 tablespoon. So when they take their vitamins, first thing in the morning, they are set for school and for the rest of the day.

Plus, my hair is growing faster, healthier, my skin is clearing up, and my nails are stronger/growing faster.

Having NutraBurst is not an option, it’s a necessity….

How do you take your vitamins?

Well, I hope this information is helpful to your journey, if so comment and share….

To Your Success,
Toni Marbley


Health Journalist, Marketer, & Life Architect
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